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Welcome to Willard's Taxidermy
  At Willard’s Taxidermy, we understand what it means to harvest the animal of your dreams and how to make that memory last. We pride ourselves on helping you recreate that moment. All trophies are given great attention to detail in order to bring out the most natural look possible.

Taxidermy is truly a modern art form. We believe in using the finest materials and applying our knowledge of reference in order to reproduce an accurate interpretation of your trophy.  Our craftsmanship guarantees you a unique art piece that will help you relive the success of your hunt.

Willard’s Taxidermy looks forward to working with you to create a work of art that you will be proud to display in your home or office. Our goal is to offer you the best wildlife art in the taxidermy industry.

We encourage you to view our showroom before others so we can help train your eye in areas to look for when choosing a taxidermist. We’ll explain details to look for so you will understand why there’s such a wide range of prices within the taxidermy field.  Do yourself a favor by learning what goes into a quality mount – there’s no obligation. You owe it to your passion as a hunter and the game you’ve harvested to educate yourself.

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