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ATTENTION!   We can only handle a limited number of capes. You MUST CALL 507-482-9453 before shipping to see if we have room available.  If not, they will be returned to you .

Bluffland Tanning

Tanning Service for Taxidermists

How many tannery owners are taxidermists?  We know what you want in a tanned deer cape.  We’ve been doing it ourselves for over 10 years.  Bluffland Tanning offers a wet-tan service for deer and antelope.  Send us your frozen deer or antelope capes and we’ll return them ready to mount.  The full service option includes fine fleshing the face, removing ear cartilage, and sewing up holes. We do all the work for you!

This is all you need to do:
As soon as your customer drops off their trophy, skin it, tag it and freeze it. Then ship it to us.  (Please call before shipping so we know they’re coming.)  We’ll tan it with the formic acid/Liqua-Tan method. We’ll get you the most stretch possible on deer capes. This means you can order larger forms than you would for a commercially tanned cape.  Please make sure each cape is labeled on the outside of the bag with your company name! 

This is what you’ll get:
We measure all capes 3 inches below the ear butt ("B" measurement) and write it on the tag attached to your cape.  The tanned capes are then frozen. When you’re ready to mount, just thaw. Wash the cape with a capful of laundry detergent and it’s ready to go. They smell great, too!

Give Bluffland Tanning a try with one or two capes.  You can't go wrong! 

Your order will be shipped when payment has been received. In the case of larger orders, we can complete 5-10 capes at a time and then send an invoice.  Just let us know how to arrange it.

We ship all orders on Tuesdays by Spee-Dee so the capes won’t be stored in a warehouse over the weekend. Your capes are tanned and will not spoil, but we do our best to keep them as cold as possible until you receive them.  (We use UPS for customers that live outside the Spee-Dee delivery area.)

***Capes must have your shop’s name attached to the OUTSIDE of each bag. Please include a list of capes sent***

We encourage you to inspect capes before they are frozen. If you question a cape’s freshness, please be aware if that cape loses hair and we stop the tanning process, we will freeze and return to you. You will be charged $30 per hour for shop time spent on the cape up to that point.

References available.

We accept VISA and MasterCard.



Send us non-salted frozen capes. We turn, salt, remove ear cartilage (if desired), sew bullet holes, prep nose, lips & eyes and size the cape. You just thaw & mount.

Price:   $130 per cape
           $140 per cape with short incision

There is an additional charge for excessive repairs and extra long capes.

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